First, congratulations on deciding to have a breast augmentation, a procedure which has been proven to boost confidence and self-esteem. You’ve likely already conducted ample research and found a trusted board-certified plastic surgeon. Although you’ve done your due diligence, patients are still typically apprehensive about the surgery. That’s where the consultation comes in. A breast augmentation consultation is a major part of the preparation process that should leave you feeling comfortable and at ease with what’s to come. 

During this typically one-hour session, you’ll spend a majority of the time discussing the surgery, your desired results, and more. To help you understand what to expect, Buglino Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery has created the following outline.

How to Prepare

Dr. Anthony Buglino understands a breast augmentation consultation can be a vulnerable process, so it’s best practice for patients to prepare. This can alleviate stress and ensure they discuss all necessary topics—without forgetting a single question. Formulate a list of questions, outline your desired results, assemble examples of your goals such as images, and bring your personal calendar. To further alleviate any nerves, dress comfortably. Choose an outfit with a separate top and bottom—instead of a dress or jumpsuit—because a physical exam is necessary. If it will provide additional comfort, you can bring a family member or friend to the consultation (during non-pandemic times). They can ask additional questions and learn how to offer assistance during recovery. 

Discussion Topics

When you meet with your cosmetic surgeon, you’ll discuss a variety of topics, from medical history to surgery. This is your chance to ask your questions, show your goal examples, ask for recommendations, and explain your desired results. Your surgeon will inquire about your medical history, including mammography and breast biopsy history, medications, allergies, current health, and goals. They will explain surgical techniques, how to prepare, and the recovery timeline. All throughout the discussion, your surgeon will ensure you have realistic goals. 

Questions to Ask

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons offers a checklist of questions to ask at your consultation, including:

  • Are you board certified and what are your credentials?
  • How many years of plastic surgery training have you had?
  • Will the procedure be performed at an accredited medical facility? If so, which one?
  • Am I a good candidate for a breast augmentation?
  • What can I do to help ensure I achieve desired results?
  • What shape, size, surface texture, and incision site do you recommend?
  • How will you perform the procedure?
  • What does the recovery period look like?
  • What are the risks and complications?
  • Will my implants change in appearance over time—even after pregnancy and breastfeeding?
  • What happens if I choose to have my implants removed in the future?

Breast Exam & Selection

After a 15- to 20-minute discussion, your surgeon will complete a physical breast exam to understand your unique anatomy. A nurse or fellow medical personnel  will be present during the entirety of the exam to ensure patients feel at ease. Afterward, you’ll try on breast implant sizers and feel various types. For more information on implant shapes, textures, compositions, and profiles, read our blog. The surgeon will discuss each, make recommendations, and ask your opinion. In some instances, a surgeon may use a 3D imaging system to create a rendering of what to expect with various options. Dr Buglino utilizes implant sizers to provide a more realistic expectation of results.  You may make your selection during this consultation or schedule a second to give yourself time to consider your decision.

Scheduling the Surgery

Although some patients know what they want after a single consultation, others like to think things through for a while longer, and that’s fine. If you need a second in-person consultation to decide which implant is right for you or have more questions, do not hesitate to ask. If you do decide to schedule your surgery, have your personal calendar ready to go. You and your surgeon will review scheduling and recovery timeframes. You’ll need to plan the procedure around when you can take off from work, and the availability of a caretaker for both you and your kids. Finally, you’ll discuss price. Your surgeon will give you a free quote and offer financing solutions to help you stay in budget. 

Dr. Anthony Buglino of Buglino Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Woodbury, NY offers free consultations for those interested in breast augmentations. Schedule yours online or by calling (516) 864-0700.

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