The perfect pout is just one lip lift away. Similar to lip injections, lip lifts add volume and height to lips, with one major difference—the results are permanent. Unlike lip injections, which last for approximately six months, a surgical lip lift lasts a lifetime. 

The procedure involves shortening the space between the nose and top of the lip, increasing the amount of visible pink tissue and creating a fuller smile. There are several types of lip lifts available, each with varying incision locations and outcomes. 

These include:

  • Direct: This creates a defined lip border, but typically results in an upper lip scar. 
  • Subnasal Bullhorn: The most common lip lift features a bullhorn-shaped incision, and all areas (center, right and left) are pulled upward.
  • Central: For this procedure, an incision is made at the lower nose.
  • Corner: Because incisions are performed at the corners of the mouth, this lip lift creates a smiley appearance. It’s the best option for those with downturned lips. 
  • Italian: This involves two incisions below each nostril, and typically doesn’t leave a noticeable scar.

How do you know if a lip lift is right for you, and how do you choose the right type?

A good candidate for a lip lift usually experiences thinner lips, whether from genetics or age. If you want to reduce the space between your lips and nose and give your lips a more voluptuous appearance, this is the procedure for you. It’s also a great option for those who can’t achieve their desired look from fillers, or are interested in a more permanent solution. 

Lip lifts aren’t right for those who have a short distance between the base of their nose and top of their lip, or are unable to quit smoking for the recovery process. 

If you’re interested in a lip lift but still unsure whether or not it’s right for your appearance goals, schedule a consultation with Long island plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Anthony Buglino. He can help determine whether a lip lift is right for you. 

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