There are many qualities and attributes people seek when trying to identify the best plastic surgeon for their needs. Their choice could make a huge difference in your overall experience, from the comfort of your consultation to the end results and follow-up.

When it comes to finding the right doctor, there are many amazing plastic surgeons who call Long Island home, including Dr. Anthony Buglino, one of Long Island’s best.  

Here are some of the most important characteristics of the best Long Island plastic surgeons:


They Have All Necessary Certifications 

One of the primary considerations for top Long Island plastic surgeons is that they possess all necessary licenses, certifications, and credentials. 

He or she should be certified by an accrediting body which oversees plastic surgeries in the United States, and they should have the same privileges to perform surgery in local hospitals, as they do in their own facilities. Practices should also be housed within accredited or state-licensed facilities to ensure the highest caliber of safety for surgical procedures. 


They Have Great Reviews 

These are where you’ll learn what other patients say about their experiences. Do they have a good rapport? Are they easy to communicate with? Are their consultations helpful and informative? Do they make you feel reassured throughout the process? Take a look at a potential surgeon’s website or other resources such as Google for firsthand reviews. Buglino Plastic Surgery, for instance, has a sterling reputation for patient care

In addition to testimonials, be sure to review before-and-after photos to see the results of their work. 


They Work With Patients 

The best plastic surgeons on Long Island will work closely with you throughout every step of the process to not only have you looking better, but feeling great about all aspects of the procedure. 

There are many qualities and attributes people seek when trying to identify the best plastic surgeon for their needs.

Consultations with your plastic surgeon should consist of comfortable, in-depth conversations about your desired changes to your body, and how they can safely and effectively help you achieve optimal results. 


They Offer a Variety of Cosmetic & Surgical Services 

The best plastic surgeons on Long Island provide a wide variety of cosmetic surgery options for their patients, from non-invasive skin treatments and filler injections to liposuction and surgical body augmentations such as tucks and lifts—even offering custom treatments and procedures tailored to their unique needs and goals. 


They Provide Excellent Results

The most important criteria for the best plastic surgeon is their ability to deliver desired results, and Long Island has no shortage of experienced and accomplished surgeons with proven track records of success. 

Long Island has a robust selection of great cosmetic surgeons available, with a wide variety of different styles, techniques, and approaches to helping their patients. Dr. Anthony Buglino of Buglino Plastic Surgery is renowned for delivering incredible results, while taking all of his patients’ health and wellness needs into account. 

Choose Dr. Anthony Buglino for All Your Plastic Surgery Needs!

Based in Woodbury, New York, Dr. Buglino is board-certified specialist known for providing a wide range of plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgeries for Long Island patients. Former patients share rave reviews of his care, and entire galleries of before-and-after prove the high quality of his work. 

Buglino Plastic Surgery is Long Island’s premier practice for top-quality plastic surgery and patient care, and unparalleled results. If you’d like a complimentary consultation, contact Dr. Anthony Buglino at (516) 864-0700, or schedule an consultation online, today! 

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